I offer commissions for music compositions, ranging from 1-4 minutes.
I can work with many styles, though I am best at making film/game music, usually orchestral or emulating the "modern" Homestuck style!
I most frequently write character themes, but I'm open to do other things, such as writing music for the screen!
You can see examples of my work on my works page!


1 minute: $30
Each additional minute (up to 4 total): $10

Theres not really many options here!

What I need from you:
Your name
Social media information (for tagging)
Paypal Email address (for invoicing)
Song length
Character information/other song information

Terms of Service

☗ By contacting me, you agree to all terms and conditions.
☗ I accept payment in USD via PayPal only.

☖ Payment will be made via invoices. You must provide the email you intend to pay with as such.

☗ As the artist, I retain all copyrights of all content produced by me.
☗ I can post publicly to any of my personal galleries, sell online, or use in promotional pieces.

☖ Discuss with me before payment if you wish to remain anonymous in the public post or are requesting a private commission.
☖ You can NOT use the commissioned artwork to make money, online or offline, unless specific permissions have been explicit discussed before payment.
☖ You may use the music for any non-profit use, such as uploading to a gallery or using the music in a free game, so long as credit is given.

☗ Changes can only be made before the final product. Work in progress versions will be shared for feedback where possible.

☖ You have permission to share these work in progress versions unless I explicitly say otherwise.

☗ I reserve the right to reject or cancel the commission at any time.

☖ A full refund will be given if the commission is cancelled before work begins.
☖ If you cancel the commission before completion of the piece and after work has begun, a partial refund will be issued, based on the amount of work completed.
☖ If I cancel the commission before completion of the piece and after work has begun, a full refund will be issued.


You can contact me at the following places:

Guffy_Wuffy#1103 on Discord
My work email

See my queue here